Welcome in this 45 square meters apartment!

In the entry way, we’ve been lucky to have a real old stone wall. This wall is inside the whole house farm, so we didn’t have to insulate it as the room behind will be heated as well.


entry way stone wall

Entry way with old wooden armoire, and an original stone wall


The stone wall had to be renovated and it was actually the first step of renovation process. It took about a week time to dig the joints between each stone and re-joint it.


stone wall before

The stone wall before: was hidden behind a freezer and all sort of stuff!




Stone Wall after renovation



Entry door

The entry door is a random door where we stuck wooden PVC floor on top of it. Along with glass mirror and wooden frame, it looks now like a real rustic wooden door!


mur pierres apparentes et cadres montagne

Posters available in our shop, framed and displayed against the stone wall : a mountain feel guaranteed!

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