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Pink pastel: a luminous color for the autumn season

During the past weeks, I’ve been collecting images on the web in order to share with you what I believe is THE trend of this autumn/winter 2012/2013.
In two words : PINK PASTEL!

Let’s start by the bedroom:

New trend 2013 natural bedroom

The bathroom:

The living area:

The office:

pink and white wall

And to finish, the kitchen and dining area:

You can notice that in every room, the pink color has been added with little touches of it, only. If you like it and want to get the look, keep the advice in mind and measure the amount of pink you add in your room.

I hope this article has been inspirational for you, I’d be happy to see your “pink pastel” interiors, feel free to drop a pict !
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2 Replies to “Pink pastel: a luminous color for the autumn season”

  1. De manière générale je ne suis pas très fan du rose, donc je n’aime pas trop le design de l’espace bureau… Par contre je trouve les photos du séjour très réussie, j’aime beaucoup le design.

    1. Amandine says:

      Merci de votre commentaire ! En effet, je préfère également les couleurs douces, donc plutôt le rose pastel au rose plus “pétant” du bureau.
      De plus le rose pastel s’accorde très bien au gris si tendance en ce moment !
      Bonne journée : )

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