Ottawa modern white house

Today, a bit of inspiration with this modern 260 square meter house in Ontario, Canada.

The decoration is very simple :

White white and white, oh and a few touches of color pattern here and there. To add some warmth to the “all white” decor, the materials play an important role : wood, metal and tile work together to create an harmonious natural feel.

The lines are very modern and contemporary, maybe even too much to my personal taste. But I’ve been seduced by the indoor tree and the kitchen island… I let you have a look ! Enjoy !
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Inspiration : natural interior

Today, I introduce you with Marie-Laure Helmkampf, interior designer living currently in the south of France.

As she says, her goal is to create harmony between spaces with timeless style. For that, she uses a balance between lights and proportions through the volume.

I let you have a look at one of her realization for her house in the South of France.

The kitchen

Interior design kitchen

cuisine bois pierre naturelle industrielle

Marbre blanc evier

The Living area

Salon style nature

The entry room



Salon nature blanc

The bedrooms

bedroom wood

chambre lampe vintage jaune

The bathroom

Salle de bain nature

 I hope you enjoyed this visit. The next article will be about “why do we like this natural style” ?

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