Customizable ski slope sign !

red slope sign customizable

Here it is, the first snowflakes fell from the sky and the ski areas start to open, we are in December!

Just like the first little box to open from the Advent calendar, I am pleased to show you on this 1st of December, the latest posters I created :

Ski slope sign posters !

Vintage style, perfect for chalet decoration. Posters are available in the red sign version for the moment. Other colors such as green, blue and black will be released during december month… while waiting for Christmas !

This poster is aimed at people who can’t wait to get on the slopes. You can personalized your poster with the slope, ski area and number you wish, or be even more creative by adding the name of your friends, family, of your favorite place, restaurant or pub !

red slope sign customizable


This the version for the slope Bergin in Morillon, Grand-Massif:

vintage ski chalet decoration


red slope sign customizable

Style vintage


french slope sign piste de ski


And this is the version for Aiguilles Rouges in Chamonix :

poster aiguilles rouges chamonix

I hope you will like this new poster.

It is available for sale in the SHOP by clicking here !

If you would have any other ideas or requests, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy skiing !

A mobile house !

maison champ

ÁBATON, a spanish design & architecture studio, has developed a mobile house, ideal for 2 people, easily transported by road and ready to be placed almost anywhere.

The proportions are the result of a thorough study by the architects’ team so that the different spaces are recognizable and the feeling indoors is one of fullness. It is a simple yet sturdy construction made of materials chosen to provide both comfort and balance. ÁPH80 embodies the principles and objectives of ÁBATON: wellbeing, environmental balance, and simplicity.

ÁPH80 has 3 different spaces measuring 27 sq mt (9×3): a living-room/kitchen, a full bathroom and double bedroom. Its gabled roof is 3,5mts high indoors. Most of the materials can be recycled and meet the sustainable criteria that ÁBATON applies to all its projects. It blends in with the environment thanks to its large openings that bring the outdoors inside. The use of wood throughout the building not only adds calmness and balance but it is also hypoallergenic. The sourced wood comes from regulated forests (will regrow to provide a wide range of other benefits such as further carbon storage, oxygen generation and forest habitat).

maison portable mobile house


chalet au milieu des moutons


maison champ


transport petite maison


plan maison portable


intérieur maison portable


plans de côté maison portable
Technical Data: The outside is covered with grey cement wood board. Ventilated façade with 12cm thermal insulation around the building. Solid timber structure manufactured through numerical control; Inside timber panels made of Spanish Fir Tree dyed white. ÁPH80 has been designed and manufactured fully in Spain.
Manufacturing time: 4-6 weeks.

Assemby time: 1 day.

Transportation by road.


Price: from 32.000€


The team is currently developing simpler series which can be added to the ÁPH80 to suit every particular need, creating larger spaces and contributing to the project’s versatility.

View more of the project on Abaton website



Intérieur blanc et bois en Norvège

Voici une petite maison au toit de chaume située au coeur de la nature Norvégienne. Le design intérieur est très épuré, blanc et bois.

Conçue par l’architecte norvégien John Lassen, la plupart du mobilier a également été créé par lui-même. Le reste provient de la célèbre marque IKEA. Le style est très pur, très clair, très blanc. Des touches de bois réchauffent l’atmosphère et l’accord des matériaux fonctionne à merveille !

Vue de l’extérieur:

Maison toit de chaume

salon blanc plafond arrondi

salon cosy blanc

Une échelle au lieu d’un escalier pour optimiser l’espace.

échelle bois optimisation de l'espace

salle à manger bois blanc

cuisine blanche moderne

Coup de coeur pour cette cuisine blanche et moderne. Une touche de naturel grâce au plan de travail en bois.

couloir bois

Couloir vers 2 petites chambres et une salle de bain.

canapé IKEA blanc

Nouveau coup d’coeur pour ce petit coin salon avec le canapé dans l’alcove. La table basse a été dessinée par John Lassen et le canapé et fauteuil sont de chez IKEA.

Espérant que ce style déco vous aura inspiré! Merci de votre lecture et à très bientôt !

Source: Bodere
Photo: Lars Kaslov