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Today we visit a chalet located in France in the valley of Chamonix. This chalet isn’t like any others, the interior decoration is full of colors and unexpected elements. Have a look !

Dans ce chalet, la décoration atypique comporte des éléments neufs comme des éléments anciens, du cher et du pas cher, et le tout s’accorde à la perfection (selon les goûts de chacun biensûr).

In this chalet, the atypicaldecoration includes new and old elements such as expensive and cheap furnitures, and everything fits perfectly together (according to the tastes of each other of course).

Let’s start by the terrace, the place that I prefer in this house. The charming mix of authentic material creates a cosy ambiance.

Then we enter in the kitchen and living area.

I personally prefer neutral colors for the interior design but I find interesting to see this mix of colorful elements, which works !

I really like the chimney shape and style !

The kitchen where a pattern is created with mosaic.

A little space for reading and quiet time.

The bedroom

And the bathroom

Voilà ! Imagine all of that with a view on Mt-Blanc ! What else do you need ?

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Source : Home and Delicious