Höst – A Nordic Restaurant

Welcome for a visit of a very charming restaurant in Copenhagen: Höst.
I discovered it on the website “NewNorm.dk” and I basically fell in love with the atmosphere which is all I like: simplicity and natural feel.

I enjoy the combination of interior design with dinnerware. It has been designed by architects and designers Norm and produced by Danish designhouse Menu

dinnerware host norm

Norm was responsible for the interior design of Höst. Based on the same philosophy underlying New Norm Dinnerware, Norm – in close cooperation with Danish designhouse Menu – has created an organic environment in an urban setting. Guests enter into a warm and inviting space and are met with the unmistakable sense of Scandinavian cosiness, while everything is also a bit weathered.

Host interior design

“New Norm Dinnerware and Höst meet in a symbiotic relationship, where the dinnerware accompanies seasonal local cuisine while evoking a special atmosphere. The light-blue glazes lead thoughts to the cool evenings of Nordic summer. They combine beautifully with light summer foods and provide a contrast to the season’s colourful berries. The dark blue-grey glazes symbolise the seas around us and the dramatic cloudy skies – the elements surrounding fish and fowl. The warm brown wood tones tell of the forest’s depth, sensuality and warmth, making them a perfect companion for autumn meals. The coarse texture of the stone plate tells the story of the Nordic mountains – a scenic backdrop for herbs, root vegetables, mushrooms and wild berries,” say Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn from Norm.

coarsed materials

I really enjoy the light calm color combination of the dinnerware in contradiction with the black industrial fixtures.kitchen ware norm host

bar wood black light

A great choice of painting different style wooden chair in a palette of dark to light grey.huge industrial black light

Bulb light, simple, industrial, but so discrete !lampe ampoule

Natural materials: wool and wood.wool and wood

Höst bottle

lampe industrielle noire accordéon

Host table bois vue dessus

Suspension light

I had never thought chop board would look so nice on a wall !planche à découper rustique

Beautiful dinnerwareVaisselle Norm

natural living room

Host table vitre nordic


Visit the restaurant here!

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Civico Quattro : italian natural design

Today I introduce you to an Italian designer “Civico Quattro” that creates natural style interior. Because I love this style, I contacted her (in a few words in Italian!) to be able to share this with you.

I love the raw material mixtures, wood, metal, fur and textiles such as linen. All this in a rustic industrial style: I could live in this home! and you?


I hope this interior design gave you lots of inspiration !
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French colorful chalet

Today we visit a chalet located in France in the valley of Chamonix. This chalet isn’t like any others, the interior decoration is full of colors and unexpected elements. Have a look !

Dans ce chalet, la décoration atypique comporte des éléments neufs comme des éléments anciens, du cher et du pas cher, et le tout s’accorde à la perfection (selon les goûts de chacun biensûr).

In this chalet, the atypicaldecoration includes new and old elements such as expensive and cheap furnitures, and everything fits perfectly together (according to the tastes of each other of course).

Let’s start by the terrace, the place that I prefer in this house. The charming mix of authentic material creates a cosy ambiance.

Then we enter in the kitchen and living area.

I personally prefer neutral colors for the interior design but I find interesting to see this mix of colorful elements, which works !

I really like the chimney shape and style !

The kitchen where a pattern is created with mosaic.

A little space for reading and quiet time.

The bedroom

And the bathroom

Voilà ! Imagine all of that with a view on Mt-Blanc ! What else do you need ?

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Source : Home and Delicious

Wood white interior design

Hi, at the moment, I am very inspired by simple, clean designs with a feel of warmth and more specially by the combination of wood and white.

Here are a few pictures taken by photograph Sam McAdam for Home Delicious.

I personally like the use of raw materials as they look “true”, authentic. It is a good inspiration for the renovation I am undertaking at the moment.

wood white

interior design

concrete grey

wood interior concrete

white design grey

wood interior design

What do you think of this combination ? Like it or not ?


White and Wooden Norwegian Interior

Here is a small thatched house in the heart of Norwegian nature. The interior design is uncluttered, white and wood.

Designed by Norwegian architect John Lassen, most of the furniture has been created by himself. The rest comes from the famous brand IKEA. The style is very pure, very clear, very white. Touches of wood warm the atmosphere and the materials works great together!

View from the outside:

Maison toit de chaume

salon blanc plafond arrondi

salon cosy blanc

A ladder has been placed instead of a staircase in order to optimize the space.

échelle bois optimisation de l'espace

salle à manger bois blanc

cuisine blanche moderne

Crush for this modern white kitchen. A natural touch through wood worktop.

couloir bois

Wooden hallway towards 2 small bedrooms and a bathroom.

canapé IKEA blanc

Another crush for this little sitting area with the sofa in the alcove. The coffee table was designed by John Lassen and sofa and armchair are from IKEA.

Hoping this article has been very inspirational! Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you again soon!

Source: Bodere
Photo: Lars Kaslov

Modern Alpine Hut

Hi, today I found the original Leap Factory work of an italian company who recently built the new Gervasutti hut. Situated at 2865 meters high just under Grandes and Petites Jorasses, in the Mt Blanc Massif on the italian side, the new Gervasutti hut replace the old one which was more than 40 years old.

It has been created to resist to extreme high altitude weather and temperatures by using high technology material and insulation. The design is very different to original huts in the Alps and has been quite controversial for the mountaineers who used to live in basic huts.

Cost: 250.000,00 € (Total budget)
Design phase: sept. 2009 – dec 2010
Construction phase: may 2011 – oct 2010
2 day to install unit
 Poligamma, Biella (composite materials), GVM Arreda, Torino (interiors), Plat Andrea, Aosta (on site works)

Size: 30 square metres of usable space
Weight: 2500 kg total
12 bed spaces
2.5 Kwh of solar energy produced

The following photographs has been taken by Francesco Mattuzzi –  Gughi Fassino –  Marco Destefanis –  Michelangelo Filippi.
All Rights Reserved.

I invite you to visit leapfactory.it website where you can find more pictures of this passionating project.

A bientôt !



Architects: Luca Gentilcore / Gandolfi & Gentilcore, Stefano Testa / Cliostraat
Design Team: Edoardo Boero, Marilena Cambuli, Massimo Teghille

Structural engineering: Luca Olivari / Olivari Composite Engineering, Andrea Bruzzone
Electrical engineering: EDF-ENR spa, Carlo Sasso, Andrea Sasso, Giampaolo Pittatore, Enrico Pons
Brand Design: Massimo Teghille & Undesign
Other consultants: Alberto Morino (geologia), Federico Valfrè di Bonzo (nivologia e valanghe)

Owner: Italian Alpine Club CAI Turin
Promoted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the SUCAI Ski Mountaineering School

Hinterland DESIGN: 3 way to bring outdoors indoors

I’d like to share with you the work of Riley Mcferrin. This american designer, artist and builder founded Hinterland Collection, 7 years after he moved to British Columbia, where he has been influenced by the area’s natural bounty and its history as a forest industry centre.

Find more on : http://hinterlanddesign.com



These dual-purpose side tables bring the outdoors to the indoors. Mimicking rain forest stumps that grow mosses and ferns from their tops, a round insert allows a small arrangement of plants to add a living element to a useful surface. No two are alike.

Western red cedar (if used as an exterior piece, the material will silver with the elements)
Oil and beeswax


Inspired by the sentinels of the forest, these salvaged and dried hardwood logs from coastal B.C. create unique, tree-like table legs that only reveal their modernist leanings at the chamfered intersection with the table’s top surface. This knockdown table flatpacks, and is easily assembled.

Salvaged hardwood legs FSC-certified hardwood top
Clear low-voc oil, carbon pigment dye (optional)


This pendant gets its name from the cast shadows its canopy creates, as well as the story held within the material. Its wooden branches are scattered far and wide, then gathered up from the rugged Pacific shoreline. Hand-constructed using pegged and glued through-tenons, no fasteners detract from the abstract and natural beauty of each unique fixture. It has two optional finishes: natural or carbon. As a further option, it can be twisted and tied with fluorescent straps, tape and wire,forming a littered cluster of branches that orbit a central glow reminiscent of a physics experiment gone awry.

Found ocean-washed branches, black or white cloth-covered twisted electrical wire, medium-base porcelain lamp socket
Natural or carbon pigment dye
Can be adorned with fluorescent straps and wire
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