Adeline Klam, french colorful creative

While reading a magzine, I recently discovered a french creative designer of colorful pattern objects.

Adeline Klam

She discovered the Japanese paper during a trip to the United States. Gradually, she meets traditional paper manufacturers in Japan, where she finds other original papers. Over time, she learned to understand and control the paper process and begins to use it for decorating and making beautiful things. Originally the shop was actually a workshop! Gradually, paper and craft production took place and the shop ‘Adeline Klam’ opened to share her colorful creations.

The wide range of designs and colors allows everyone to create diverse personalized atmospheres. Adeline has created a delicate universe, inspired by the finesse and beauty of Japanese art, which comes in many different forms and gives us a true poetry.

Have look at her beautiful fine creations.

Photo: Emilie Guelpa

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Emilie Guelpa

Photo : Adeline Klam

A BIG thank you to Adeline who let me write an article while using her photos.

I invite you to visit her “boutique” online by clicking here, or visit her directly in Paris: 54 Bd Richard Lenoir.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please feel free to let any comments about it through the blog or Facebook, Pinterest and Hellocoton !

A bientôt !

Vintage cosy cushions

I recently created new cushions for our little flat with the aim of being vintage and cosy. For that, I combined New Zealand wool and different cotton patterns.

What do you think about those cushions? Let me know your thoughts, I’d be happy to hear about it !

I’m on my way to create more cushions for sale, so you can place your order now !

Life on Lakeshore Drive

DIY : fabric on can

In the following posts, I’ll show you how to customize your interior decoration with very low budget.

Today : how to create a decorative pen holder.

What you need :

  • Fabric patterns (old second hand cushion covers are so cheap and perfect for that)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Can, any size
  • Iron
Here s the fabric I’m gonna use :


  1. Cut the fabric in the same height of your can adding 2 centimeters. Make sure the length is longer than the perimeter of the can. Reverse each side one centimeter inside and iron it flat.
  2. Add some double sided tape around the top and the bottom of the can. Add a straight tape line too.
    Double sided tape
  3. Remove the other side of the tape and start sticking the fabric on the can along the straight tape, and all around the can. Make sure the fabric is well tight for a better looking.
  4. To finish to stick the fabric on the can, place another straight double sided tape on the already stuck fabric. Cut the left over fabric so that it will come just above the tape. Stick the fabric on the tape. Press strongly.
  5. Congratulations it is finished !

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