How to make a Fabric Pot in 5 minutes?

Easy DIY fabric pot

This tutorial shows how to make a fabric pot in 5 minutes.

With only 6 seams, any beginner can make a beautiful fabric pot. Follow the 12 steps below !

soft cosy fabric pot

The easiest way is explained here ! Have fun !

What you need :

  • a sewing machine
  • 2 rectangles of fabric (any size)
  • thread
  • needles
  • an iron and iron table

1. Cut 2 rectangular shapes from fabric

Cut the fabric in 2 rectangle shapes (cutting on top of each other helps to make sure they are the exact same size).

Make sure the rectangles’ shapes are quite long (a square shape wouldn’t work). Here’s an example of the result you can get depending of the shape of your fabric at the start.

Fabric pot shape

For my project, the rectangle shapes are quite long.
DIY fabric pot



2. Sew one of the long side rectangle.

Put fabric’s right face on each other and sew one of the longest side.

sewing DIY


3. Iron the seam to flatten it

ironing fabric


4. Fold the fabric in two as shown

DIY fold the fabric

fabric on iron table


5. Sew the sides together

easy sewing machine


6. Flatten the seam with the iron

flatten the fabric


7. Fold the fabric back together and flatten the seam again.

It creates a kind of pocket.

easy sewing project


8. Sew each layer of the remaining side together

fun fabric stitches


9. Measure the width of the “pocket”

In this example my pocket measures 16 inches wide. That means that the fabric pot (once finished) will measure 8 inches on each side.

measurement fabric pot


10. Open the pocket and flatten the bottom in a kind of diamond shape.

Let each side fall back inside and flatten the corners of a diamond shape.

Place needles on opposite corners as shown below. Each seam must measure 8 inches long (or half the length of the pocket you measured before).

easy pocket fabric

Each opposite corners have been sewed.

fast diy fabric box


11. Now you can open your box !!

Turn it over so that the 2 triangle wings move inside.

diy beginner level

That way, the seams are inside, hidden by the 2 triangles. No visible seam  at all !

easy free sewing DIY


12. Sew the bottom of the box and the triangles together

easy step by step tutorial

RESULT : Tadaaam !! Fold down the box top and your sweet pot is finished !!

Congratulations !

sewing DIY for beginner


Your Fabric Pots can look like that :

Nice, don’t you think ?

simple sewing fabric pot

Little trick :

In order to reinforce the pot, I added a carpet square on the bottom. That’s for the “cosy” final touch !

soft cosy fabric pot

socks fabric box

pantys fabric pot

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it was understandable. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to ask through the comments below.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful boxes ! It would look fabulous with pattern fabric !

A bientôt !! : )


DIY : colorful plant pots

To continue the serie of articles on how to enhance your interior in a low budget, here is the last creation I made : colorful pots for little plants in the kitchen.

Cost of this project : 5 $NZ for the pots, 6 $NZ for the paint and 12 $NZ for the flowers/earth.  TOTAL : 23 $NZ

The plants : gardening shop or supermarket ?

The initial idea was to plant aromatic plants like parsley or basil, to use them while cooking. We can find some cheap ones in the supermarket. I tested it but I don’t recommend it, or at least not during winter. Those plants grow under solar lamps before being displayed in the supermarket. Once brought back home, they need lots of sun and heat, which is tricky to get during winter. My poor aromatic plants didn’t survived. I learnt from that, and went to buy normal flowers in a gardening shop after asking for good advices from the seller. They still have some cheap plants, those ones were at 1,87$NZ/plant.
So far, my new flowers look happy !  Gardening Shop wins !

The pots : gets them at the recycling center !

Little pots aromatic plants

In Wanaka (New Zealand) at the moment, we have access to this fantastic place called “Recycling center” where you can find already used items. It demands a bit of search and imagination, but that’s where I found 3 little pots in a brown earthy color. Different shapes and colors, but that’s for the charming aspect !

The picture here has been taken when the aromatic plants were still surviving !!


The paint : get test pots

Instead of buying expensive acrylic paint available only in the primary colors, I got 2 little Resene “test pots” that are made for testing paint color on walls. Their volume of paint is just perfect for the size of the pots (I even have left overs), and you have the freedom to choose between a laaarge range of colors.

Here are the colors I chose : Grey/light blue “Longitude and Guardsman Red which will go along with the original brown pot.
The reason why I chose those colors is to go well with the rest of the apartment which has grey carpet, brown leather couch, light grey/earthy walls and wooden table. My goal was to add a punchy touch of vitamin in the kitchen that goes along with natural shade like wood colors. The red turns out to be brighter than I thought but I am quite happy with the result.







If you need any help in choosing some colors which would go well with your living area, feel free to ask me.

The Result

After two layers of paint, here is the result.

Interior design

More DIY to follow during the coming weeks : cushions, canvas painting and other little advices.

See you the next time, oh and don’t forget to click “like” if you enjoyed this article. Thanks : )