Vintage cosy cushions

I recently created new cushions for our little flat with the aim of being vintage and cosy. For that, I combined New Zealand wool and different cotton patterns.

What do you think about those cushions? Let me know your thoughts, I’d be happy to hear about it !

I’m on my way to create more cushions for sale, so you can place your order now !

Life on Lakeshore Drive

Get inspired and create the new Light trend

The last few months, I noticed more and more simple light bulbs flooring around. It’s time now to get some inspiration and create the same look : I’ll tell you how, follow me !

At the first glance, I found that hanging bulb very simple, industrial, and not specially decorative. But the more I see it, the more I appreciate it. In fact, the long vertical lines create more height volume in a room, it gives an impression of floating element in the void.

I’ll show you here :

  1. How I got inspired by this new lighting trend
  2. Some more inspiration pictures
  3. Get the look: how to create your own new light
  1. How I got inspired by this new lighting trend ?

Here is where I first saw it, in a new café in Wanaka: URBAN GRING

This new café has been designed by the talented architecture agency Sorted, based in Wanaka. Have a look here to see more pictures of it.


2. Some more inspiration pictures

A huge light bulb 

A wooden room with 2 hanging light bulb


Red cords for an industrial vintage style


White adult bedroom authentic style with building wooden material, animal skin.

3. Get the look: how to create your own new light

To get the same look, you can either buy a simple bulb light or create it yourself.

Here is a list of shops where you can buy the lamp:

lamp simple bulb
FLY 69€ 28.5×47.46 cm
Leroy merlin lamp simple bulb
Leroy Merlin, 37,90€, Suspension Vizby INSPIRE, diam. 14 cm
Leroy merlin lamp simple bulb
Leroy Merlin, 39,90€, Suspension Bulb, diam. 9 cm
Leroy merlin lamp simple bulb
Leroy Merlin, 51,90€, Suspension Ampoule, blanc, 100 watts, diam. 30 cm
This is a BIG light bulb !
Conforama lamp simple bulb
Conforama, 99€, Lustre 5 lamps, vintage
La maison de Valérie bulb lamp
La Maison de Valérie, 39,99€ 29,99€
Tove Adman concrete lamp
Tove Adman concrete lamp, 59€

Mistales to avoid when you hang your light bulb

  1. Make sure the light is placed in a room with enough height. You want the light cord to be quite long in order to enhance the volume of your room. Too short, the light will look like a cheap temporary building light, and you don’t want that.
  2. Make sure the cord is flexible enough to be hanging well vertically. The light bulb is usually not heavy enough to guarantee the cord to be hanging vertically. A too stiff cord will create a non vertical line which will look wobbly, and cheap.
  3. The tip is to place several lights in a row to enhance the industrial repetitive style !

Wanna create it yourself ?

Follow this link to learn how to create this original hanging light with a personalized cord.


Click here to read the DIY to create those beautiful Mason Jar light


I hope this article has been full of inspiration for you and I look forward to hear about your creations !

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A confortable chairlift at home !

For ski lovers, these unusual sofas will offer the sensations of a ride on a chairlift … with comfort as a plus!


These lifts are available for rent or for sell, from 2200 €.
For more information:
Orders and information:

What do you think? This is the kind of creation that I find beautiful. How to recycle old chairlifts before they end to the dump. If you ever have an old chairlift at hand, I’d be happy to reupholster it !


New color trend : Yellow !

To reboost your interior, here’s a cheap little trick easy to make!
As simple as putting the icing on the cake, add a touch of yellow!

For inspiration, here are some examples using this principle. Depending on your budget, you may decide to purchase a yellow decoration item or just to repaint an object such as a vase or a stool.

Closet and pale yellow vase agree with this interior very bright pastel colors.

Another example of yellow in a kitchen cupboard with white furniture.


Natural design kitchen , wood, white and yellow

Get the look :
Yellow console Kiko by La Maison de Valérie, 69,90€

Console Kikko Jaune

Another cheap trick: yellow paint or yellow wallpaper.

Get the yellow look for your terrace:

Chair Conforama 15,90€ and table 24,90€

chaise pliante jaune

chaise pliante jaune tendance


Yellow lamp for the kitchen, the living area or the office.

Get the look : : 179,10€
10% o
ff your basket and shipping, valid until 2nd of september 2012

Code : ETE2012
lampe à poser jaune design

For the bedroom or living room, add a touch of sparkling yellow with cushions:

Get the look:

CONFORAMA, coussin, 7,90€
coussin design jaune


To finish, here’s a summary of objects chosen by me to help you give your bits of yellow inside:


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Wanaka living : cushion and carpet

A few days ago, I visited an exposition of carpet and cushion “born in Wanaka”. The brand is Wanaka Living, and they create beautiful products inspired by nature. I love it !

Here are a few pictures from there website, have a look :

Cushion and carpet wanaka lake design

“Wanaka is more than a place. It’s a way of life. Here, design is defined by our natural environment. Pure, rugged, uncomplicated, honest, mystical and inspiring: living down here, it’s impossible not to be connected with nature.”


Wanaka living cushion design


Cushion living for children soft wool


Carpet and cushion design


Stones cushions wanaka living


If you like those cushions and carpets, here is where you can find them :

  • in Wanaka : McKenzie Willis, 20 Ardmore Street or Jumping Tangents, Little Brown House, 4 Little Street
  • also available in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington…
  • in France : Moaroom, Rod Fry, Showroom: 38 Rue de Malte, 75011 Paris
  • in USA (Colorado) : Auskin USA Inc., George Coughlin, P.O. Box 1165, Arvada, CO

DIY : colorful plant pots

To continue the serie of articles on how to enhance your interior in a low budget, here is the last creation I made : colorful pots for little plants in the kitchen.

Cost of this project : 5 $NZ for the pots, 6 $NZ for the paint and 12 $NZ for the flowers/earth.  TOTAL : 23 $NZ

The plants : gardening shop or supermarket ?

The initial idea was to plant aromatic plants like parsley or basil, to use them while cooking. We can find some cheap ones in the supermarket. I tested it but I don’t recommend it, or at least not during winter. Those plants grow under solar lamps before being displayed in the supermarket. Once brought back home, they need lots of sun and heat, which is tricky to get during winter. My poor aromatic plants didn’t survived. I learnt from that, and went to buy normal flowers in a gardening shop after asking for good advices from the seller. They still have some cheap plants, those ones were at 1,87$NZ/plant.
So far, my new flowers look happy !  Gardening Shop wins !

The pots : gets them at the recycling center !

Little pots aromatic plants

In Wanaka (New Zealand) at the moment, we have access to this fantastic place called “Recycling center” where you can find already used items. It demands a bit of search and imagination, but that’s where I found 3 little pots in a brown earthy color. Different shapes and colors, but that’s for the charming aspect !

The picture here has been taken when the aromatic plants were still surviving !!


The paint : get test pots

Instead of buying expensive acrylic paint available only in the primary colors, I got 2 little Resene “test pots” that are made for testing paint color on walls. Their volume of paint is just perfect for the size of the pots (I even have left overs), and you have the freedom to choose between a laaarge range of colors.

Here are the colors I chose : Grey/light blue “Longitude and Guardsman Red which will go along with the original brown pot.
The reason why I chose those colors is to go well with the rest of the apartment which has grey carpet, brown leather couch, light grey/earthy walls and wooden table. My goal was to add a punchy touch of vitamin in the kitchen that goes along with natural shade like wood colors. The red turns out to be brighter than I thought but I am quite happy with the result.







If you need any help in choosing some colors which would go well with your living area, feel free to ask me.

The Result

After two layers of paint, here is the result.

Interior design

More DIY to follow during the coming weeks : cushions, canvas painting and other little advices.

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