Ottawa modern white house

Today, a bit of inspiration with this modern 260 square meter house in Ontario, Canada.

The decoration is very simple :

White white and white, oh and a few touches of color pattern here and there. To add some warmth to the “all white” decor, the materials play an important role : wood, metal and tile work together to create an harmonious natural feel.

The lines are very modern and contemporary, maybe even too much to my personal taste. But I’ve been seduced by the indoor tree and the kitchen island… I let you have a look ! Enjoy !
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Adeline Klam, french colorful creative

While reading a magzine, I recently discovered a french creative designer of colorful pattern objects.

Adeline Klam

She discovered the Japanese paper during a trip to the United States. Gradually, she meets traditional paper manufacturers in Japan, where she finds other original papers. Over time, she learned to understand and control the paper process and begins to use it for decorating and making beautiful things. Originally the shop was actually a workshop! Gradually, paper and craft production took place and the shop ‘Adeline Klam’ opened to share her colorful creations.

The wide range of designs and colors allows everyone to create diverse personalized atmospheres. Adeline has created a delicate universe, inspired by the finesse and beauty of Japanese art, which comes in many different forms and gives us a true poetry.

Have look at her beautiful fine creations.

Photo: Emilie Guelpa

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Anne Solange Tardy

Photo : Emilie Guelpa

Photo : Adeline Klam

A BIG thank you to Adeline who let me write an article while using her photos.

I invite you to visit her “boutique” online by clicking here, or visit her directly in Paris: 54 Bd Richard Lenoir.

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Hinterland DESIGN: 3 way to bring outdoors indoors

I’d like to share with you the work of Riley Mcferrin. This american designer, artist and builder founded Hinterland Collection, 7 years after he moved to British Columbia, where he has been influenced by the area’s natural bounty and its history as a forest industry centre.

Find more on :



These dual-purpose side tables bring the outdoors to the indoors. Mimicking rain forest stumps that grow mosses and ferns from their tops, a round insert allows a small arrangement of plants to add a living element to a useful surface. No two are alike.

Western red cedar (if used as an exterior piece, the material will silver with the elements)
Oil and beeswax


Inspired by the sentinels of the forest, these salvaged and dried hardwood logs from coastal B.C. create unique, tree-like table legs that only reveal their modernist leanings at the chamfered intersection with the table’s top surface. This knockdown table flatpacks, and is easily assembled.

Salvaged hardwood legs FSC-certified hardwood top
Clear low-voc oil, carbon pigment dye (optional)


This pendant gets its name from the cast shadows its canopy creates, as well as the story held within the material. Its wooden branches are scattered far and wide, then gathered up from the rugged Pacific shoreline. Hand-constructed using pegged and glued through-tenons, no fasteners detract from the abstract and natural beauty of each unique fixture. It has two optional finishes: natural or carbon. As a further option, it can be twisted and tied with fluorescent straps, tape and wire,forming a littered cluster of branches that orbit a central glow reminiscent of a physics experiment gone awry.

Found ocean-washed branches, black or white cloth-covered twisted electrical wire, medium-base porcelain lamp socket
Natural or carbon pigment dye
Can be adorned with fluorescent straps and wire
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Eccentric house : Would you live in it?

Packed with wild colors, vintage collectibles and all things plastic, this Netherlands rental boldly ventures into futuristic territory.
Would you live in it ??

Bram Damman doesn’t see his colorful, collectibles-filled Netherlands home as retro, but rather as futuristic and modern. “Not in the sense of contemporary,” he says, “but in the sense that these items were once designed with the intention to be modern.” Damman’s interior reflects a passion for space-age modern style cultivated during his 1970s childhood. Collector’s items, vintage furniture and bold colors fill his house from top to bottom. Much of his midcentury furniture feels very fashionable, but he’s not interested in trends. “What concerns me the least is what’s in fashion,” he says. “I don’t follow trends; I make them.
Who lives here: Bram Damman
Location: Wageningen, the Netherlands
Size: 650 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

So… would you live in this house ??

A soft cushion in wood please!

Today, I introduce you with “How are you”, a Sweeden design company who has interesting challenges like making hard things soft !

Our philosophy is simple, we do this for fun and we only do things we like and hopefully you like it too.

Here are a few pictures of my favorite products, but I let you have a look on their website :
Wooden cushion

Stone cushion natural

Cushion in wood

Concrete cushion

Do you like this style of cushions ? I’d enjoy having an “old wood cushion” since I like the traditional chalet style !

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Inspiration Bloomingville

Bloomingville – ever changing homes

Bloomingville is a wholesale company from Denmark who supply home accessoires to retail- and e-shops.

Initially, Bloomingville’s product line consisted of items sourced from European producers as well as a small variety of pieces designed by the com­pany’s founder, Betina Stampe. Over time that focus shifted, and today the vast majority of the products are designed in-house, supplemented by special vintage items sourced directly from se­lected suppliers in Southeast Asia and Africa. The unique Bloomingville style is a mixture of raw products with a nostalgic Scandinavian twist and reproductions of fantastic pieces from times past inspired by French brocante.

Why do we like design ?

Last week, we discovered the work of Marie-Laure Helmkampf, interior designer living in the south of France.

Today, we take a closer look at this kitchen design to understand: Why do we like it ?

1. A balance of verticals and horizontals


 Horizontal lines :

  • calming,
  • pacifying,
  • enlarge the space,
  • create an indoor horizon.



Vertical lines : 

  • extend the height of a volume
  • create more dynamic
  • can be related to high trees, high vertical mountains, cliff
  • too much of them can create a feeling of suffocation[/one_half_last]

In this kitchen, the verticals and horizontals are used wisely. The verticals are on one side of the room or used for the highest elements, creating thus more volume up high. Horizontal lines are wide giving a calming feeling to the space.

Tips : Make sure you balance the lines in any rooms of your house to create the right feeling. Depending if you want the room to look calm or dynamic, use more or less of verticals and horizontals.

The shape of the lines are also important. 

  • Curve line : charming, warm, traditional
  • Straight line : Simple, modern, unpersonal

In this kitchen, they chose straight lines to keep the look modern and simple. The warmth and charm is added by other elements like materials and colors.

2. Colors

The colors chosen for this kitchen remain in the same tones of brown. The black and the green are added as touches to break the uniformity and give more dynamic to the room.

3. Materials

All the materials used in this kitchen are inspired from the nature : wood, and stone work together to bring a warm feeling. The look is authentic, surfaces look rough. A few vintage item like the blanck lamp and the high chairs, add the final touch to look cosy and warm.

Inspired by Nature !
Here are a few other landscapes from which the materials used in this kitchen are inspired.

I hope while reading this post you found yourself looking at your own kitchen or room wondering how are the lines or colors or materials organised !

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