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Take a closer look at this hotel room

While looking at the Cosy Mountain Magazine #10, I noticed this well designed hotel room picture. And I wondered : why is this room design appealing to my eyes ?

I’ll try to give you an explanation why in the following pictures, and hopefully if you enjoy this design as well, this will help you to remodel your own bedroom that way.

You can sleep in the bedroom at the 5 star hotel Albert her in Chamonix.
The design has been made that way to create a “zen mountain” ambiance.
Let’s have a closer look…

A gradient color scheme

The colors scheme chosen is using different hues of the same color, creating a good harmony.


Some punchy dots

Only few objects are showing a punchy color, here is the vivid red. Without it, the decoration would look drabber. It is thus an important item to consider while redecorating a room. Moreover, it can be as cheap as a cushion cover.


Horizontal Ligns = calm

The bedroom is a place where the body is looking for relaxation, it is thus important to create a calm atmosphere.

Like watching the sea horizon is ressourcing our body, horizontal ligns are having the same effect on our mind.

By adding as many horizontal ligns in a bedroom and avoiding vertical ones, the ambiance will be even more relaxed.


Those 3 points are the most important ones, I think, to explain why our eye appreciate this bedroom design.

I hope it will give you some inspiration if you wish to remodel your bedroom, rethink the color scheme, add a few colorful items (just a few), and try to create more horizontal lines. Have fun !!

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