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Hinterland DESIGN: 3 way to bring outdoors indoors

I’d like to share with you the work of Riley Mcferrin. This american designer, artist and builder founded Hinterland Collection, 7 years after he moved to British Columbia, where he has been influenced by the area’s natural bounty and its history as a forest industry centre.

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These dual-purpose side tables bring the outdoors to the indoors. Mimicking rain forest stumps that grow mosses and ferns from their tops, a round insert allows a small arrangement of plants to add a living element to a useful surface. No two are alike.

Western red cedar (if used as an exterior piece, the material will silver with the elements)
Oil and beeswax


Inspired by the sentinels of the forest, these salvaged and dried hardwood logs from coastal B.C. create unique, tree-like table legs that only reveal their modernist leanings at the chamfered intersection with the table’s top surface. This knockdown table flatpacks, and is easily assembled.

Salvaged hardwood legs FSC-certified hardwood top
Clear low-voc oil, carbon pigment dye (optional)


This pendant gets its name from the cast shadows its canopy creates, as well as the story held within the material. Its wooden branches are scattered far and wide, then gathered up from the rugged Pacific shoreline. Hand-constructed using pegged and glued through-tenons, no fasteners detract from the abstract and natural beauty of each unique fixture. It has two optional finishes: natural or carbon. As a further option, it can be twisted and tied with fluorescent straps, tape and wire,forming a littered cluster of branches that orbit a central glow reminiscent of a physics experiment gone awry.

Found ocean-washed branches, black or white cloth-covered twisted electrical wire, medium-base porcelain lamp socket
Natural or carbon pigment dye
Can be adorned with fluorescent straps and wire
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