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Eccentric house : Would you live in it?

Packed with wild colors, vintage collectibles and all things plastic, this Netherlands rental boldly ventures into futuristic territory.
Would you live in it ??

Bram Damman doesn’t see his colorful, collectibles-filled Netherlands home as retro, but rather as futuristic and modern. “Not in the sense of contemporary,” he says, “but in the sense that these items were once designed with the intention to be modern.” Damman’s interior reflects a passion for space-age modern style cultivated during his 1970s childhood. Collector’s items, vintage furniture and bold colors fill his house from top to bottom. Much of his midcentury furniture feels very fashionable, but he’s not interested in trends. “What concerns me the least is what’s in fashion,” he says. “I don’t follow trends; I make them.
Who lives here: Bram Damman
Location: Wageningen, the Netherlands
Size: 650 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

So… would you live in this house ??

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