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Well, it has been a long time since I last posted a news article on my Cosy Cosyneve blog. That’s life going on here, life takes up all the free time for some beautiful projects !

I’m sure you already had some weeks, months, years like that before, where you just have to concentrate on some projects for it to be “successful”.

At the moment, one of our project is getting closer and closer to be finished ! Yay !
With my husband, we’ve been building our home in the french Alps, a house I designed to look like it has always been here. I love nature and I fight against visual pollution, so I wanted our house to be a good ad-on this beautiful landscape surrounded with mountains.

We started building 2 years ago and did most of the indoor construction ourselves. The electricity should be plugged-in next week. It will be a step forward !

Our other “project” started 20 months ago and will go on for our whole life : we created a child, her name is  Néva. We try to balance our life to still free some time to spend with her. (but I have to admit it is very challenging to “balance” correctly).

As the house will soon be “finished” (it is never actually finished”), I’d like to get back into writing articles more often to share my interior design discoveries about nature and mountain.

I’d like to explain some process of building a home, a chalet, which I think might interest some of you. If it’s your case, please fill free to ask questions or manifest your curiosity. It will help build my motivation to write and share more for sure !

For now, I can share a picture of our house “almost finished”.

Have a great week and I hope to see you again soon : )