1st expo for CosyNEVE

vente affiches vintage Thyez

During the week-end of the 7th and 8th of November, CosyNEVE participated to its first expo : a small one in my home town as a start !

Here are a few pictures of the stand we built my sister and myself : a lot of fun !

décoration salon artisanal

vente affiches vintage Thyez


A give away has been organized where visitor are offered to create their own ski sign poster to win it.organisation concours sur stand


Thank you to all the participants and visitors of our stand !

Mieux Vivre Expo

french armchair

Rétrospective of the expo “WORK by des Designers” in La Roche/Foron in France

Here are my favorites design items :

Cushions HJEM product, a new brand based in the french Alps.

coussin HJEM product alpes


Altiligne, mountain table by Benoit Chabert.

table forme montagne relief


Claerbout Yohan, mechanic innovator

original french armchair


One of my favorite brand: Arpin dress up a long chair La Cox

arpin et lacox I love the wooden sled/chair behind.la cox arpin


Adrien Bonneau

luminaire adrien bonneau luminaire adrien bonneau cube adrien bonneau


In’Bô, young artists in love with wood and outdoor sports.

la cox arpin



Original French Armchair by Paco Tourté.


What’s your favorite ?

Learn more about it on the website: desdesigners.fr

Those items are available on bowigo.fr