Cosy Design inspiré des montagnes


CosyNEVE is the meeting point of diverse passions: mountains, architecture and design.


The blog provides a good dose of inspiration for nature and mountain-inspired decoration. Find and share tips and ideas.


The “Project” section opens doors of interiors decorated by myself, from which you can also find inspiration.


If you wish to bring the mountain feel at home, visit the Vintage Poster Shop where you can buy illustrated posters.


If you are getting into interior renovation and you would need some help, find out the services I can offer.


Who’s behind CosyNEVE?

Hello ! I’m Amandine NEWMAN (REVEL), a professional designer (Master Degree in graphic and web design) and I also work as a ski instructor in Morillon Grand Massif resort in France during winters. And in my free time, I love ski touring on beautiful mountains.
These atmospheres inspire me to create illustrations, from my own experiences up there.
Thanks to the enthusiasm of some friends, I decided to print these illustrations as posters and offer them for sale on this website.

Beside that, I self-teach in interior design thanks to a passion for architecture and a big amount of curiosity. My first real projects were the renovation of a family apartment and the building of our own chalet (which is still ongoing!). These projects taught me the technical constraints of the profession.
Since then, I offer interior design services to individuals, often naturally inspired by mountains.