News – Build your house yourself !

chalet bois brulé

Well, it has been a long time since I last posted a news article on my Cosy Cosyneve blog. That’s life going on here, life takes up all the free time for some beautiful projects !

I’m sure you already had some weeks, months, years like that before, where you just have to concentrate on some projects for it to be “successful”.

At the moment, one of our project is getting closer and closer to be finished ! Yay !
With my husband, we’ve been building our home in the french Alps, a house I designed to look like it has always been here. I love nature and I fight against visual pollution, so I wanted our house to be a good ad-on this beautiful landscape surrounded with mountains.

We started building 2 years ago and did most of the indoor construction ourselves. The electricity should be plugged-in next week. It will be a step forward !

Our other “project” started 20 months ago and will go on for our whole life : we created a child, her name is  Néva. We try to balance our life to still free some time to spend with her. (but I have to admit it is very challenging to “balance” correctly).

As the house will soon be “finished” (it is never actually finished”), I’d like to get back into writing articles more often to share my interior design discoveries about nature and mountain.

I’d like to explain some process of building a home, a chalet, which I think might interest some of you. If it’s your case, please fill free to ask questions or manifest your curiosity. It will help build my motivation to write and share more for sure !

For now, I can share a picture of our house “almost finished”.

Have a great week and I hope to see you again soon : )


1st expo for CosyNEVE

vente affiches vintage Thyez

During the week-end of the 7th and 8th of November, CosyNEVE participated to its first expo : a small one in my home town as a start !

Here are a few pictures of the stand we built my sister and myself : a lot of fun !

décoration salon artisanal

vente affiches vintage Thyez


A give away has been organized where visitor are offered to create their own ski sign poster to win it.organisation concours sur stand


Thank you to all the participants and visitors of our stand !

Mieux Vivre Expo

french armchair

Rétrospective of the expo “WORK by des Designers” in La Roche/Foron in France

Here are my favorites design items :

Cushions HJEM product, a new brand based in the french Alps.

coussin HJEM product alpes


Altiligne, mountain table by Benoit Chabert.

table forme montagne relief


Claerbout Yohan, mechanic innovator

original french armchair


One of my favorite brand: Arpin dress up a long chair La Cox

arpin et lacox I love the wooden sled/chair cox arpin


Adrien Bonneau

luminaire adrien bonneau luminaire adrien bonneau cube adrien bonneau


In’Bô, young artists in love with wood and outdoor sports.

la cox arpin



Original French Armchair by Paco Tourté.


What’s your favorite ?

Learn more about it on the website:

Those items are available on

DIY poster “Let go or be dragged”

Here it is, the new poster “Lâchez la perche” is available for sale in the shop!

Here is the step by step process explained :

1. The Idea

When teaching ski to the beginner classes, it is one of the first thing we tells our customers: “If you fall, make sure you release the pole”, that you let go!

Because we have to agree, we see too often poor people swallowing a certain amount of snow, though vainly trying to recover in remaining hooked to this lift pole. But why? Surely as Gad Elmaleh, a french comic says, it is “because it is our own, we don’t want to let it go… And yet, there are plenty of others available behind, but we remain stubborn, as it is ours, we keep it and that’s it!”

2. The Drawing

Each poster starts with a sketch on paper with a pencil. As most of my day is already spent in front of a screen, I enjoy to draw sometimes, I can let my hand free to create pretty curves.

Below is the drawing, probably the creation step that I prefer. Several points have to be studied : the body position, the expression of the face, the style of clothing.

dessin bonhomme ski

3. The drawing vectorization (digitalization)

Once satisfied with the drawing, I take a photo and import it in Adobe Illustrator. The vectorization starts thanks to the tools “quill pen”, zone by zone.This is a meticulous and lengthy work.
Parallel to this, I choose the colors of the drawing, inspired by fashion of the moment or by old vintage posters. I like to keep a sober and simple style without too much clutter.
Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 09.54.37
vectorisation poster ski

4. Incorporation of the drawing into the poster

Once the drawing is traced, I proceed to the poster layout by adding texts and background decors. Several colors and typography are tested. Small shadows are added to make it a little more “incorporated” into the decor.
test couleurs typographies affiche vintage

5. Finalization and rendering

This process can be time-consuming because the aesthetics and the balance of the whole counts a lot for me. As soon as a change is made, I let “rest” the poster a moment before looking again at it. Having a “fresh” look is important in order to effectively judge its own creations.

It is still a bit of an apprehension when I present my creations. I hope you will enjoy this new poster, you may recall an enjoyable moment skiing…

Here is the new poster :

And here is the framed poster :


Feel free to let me know your thoughts about this poster, it is always very constructive!
If you want to buy the poster click here!

The poster is available in size A3 (29,7 x 42cm) and A4 (21 x 29,7cm) to the price of 19 and 13€.
Delivery is possible worldwide. Posters are stored in rigid cart board envelopes which guarantee a prefect quality once received.



CosyNEVE au salon GrandSki 2015

Retrospective Exhibition Grand Ski 2015 in Chambéry, where CosyNEVE was represented on the stand of Bride-les-Bains, designed and installed by the HomeMade Architecture[s] agency.

Several posters were selected by this architecture and design agency to decorate the cozy and colorful stand of the Savoie ski resort: Brides-les-Bains .

Big thank you to HomeMade Architecture[s] team and especially its manager, Christophe Lapergue to have so well highlighted the CosyNEVE posters, surrounded by lovely design objects. A great success !

Here are several photos brought back by their super team present during the show.


stand exposition grandski 2015


La Fondue (yellow version) poster and Emile Allais poster, showcased next to a beautiful little wooden bird.

Brides les bains

The new trend:  yellow !

déco salon jaune


affiches cosyneve oiseau bois


stand homemade architectures

le planté du bâton” poster, grey version.

Le planté du baton affiche


poster mountain decor

Careful, a bird is watching you !

poster mountain decor

Brides-les-Bains ski area stand.

stand station de ski

“le planté du bâton” poster, gold version.

decoration mountain trade show

Brides les Bains stand.

yellow stand grand ski alps


ski resort bride les bains

After this exhibition, we’ve been happy to welcome a new partnership between CosyNEVE and HomeMade !